I used to know different kind of teachers in my previous school. Let me tell you about my first impression and how it turns out till finals. Before i start, this is my opinion only and i do not aim, to hurt our teacher’s feelings

MRS. ROSELYN CADACIO (General Mathematics)

FIRST IMPRESSION: Normal first impression, very strict, heartless professor, who enjoyed watching her students cry for despair. An ineffective professors who weren’t really good in teaching. But that doesn’t matter. I like the subject

AS OF NOW: Mrs. Cadacio is one of the kindest and most approachable teacher. She always want the best for her students. She would do anything just to see her students successful. Hopefully she will lessen giving an all out assignment to us.


FIRST IMPRESSION: He was jolly,  would always crack a joke to try and make us smile or laugh. To be honest, most of his jokes were very corny or not funny at all. and i knew it will be like that every subject meeting. But then i know how appreciate efforts. So i’ll just give a smile every joke. Also everytime that he would write on the board, his writings are like ancient sanskrit, i have a hard time reading it

AS OF NOW: Sir Miciano always try to relax things up for his students. His problem sets are of great help for us students to practice solving problems related to our lesson. I learned that sir Miciano’s talent is that he could teach one lesson in 4 meetings but he could also discuss four lessons in 1 meeting.


FIRST IMPRESSION: He never ran out of stories—stories that we enjoy listening to. He was neither the prof that the students would hate nor the prof we would be so close to. But the his stories neverfailed to impress and inspire me. 

AS OF NOW: Well, as of now, i like sir rowell teaching style. Hahaha . But then he is an excellent teacher with a lot of good experience that comes from living his life to the fullest, and still he never fail to impress and inspire, but somehow he sometimes want to torture us so life would be more interesting


FIRST IMPRESSION: A  kind, caring and a person with lot of experiences.  She told us that she would always try to understand her student’s feelings that is why she will never give a grade within the line of 7. I can see mrs tabujara love and care one every student as if all of them are her grandsons.

REALITY: I understand why sometimes she always made a big deal out of small things, You know our typical reason is that Mrs. Tabujara was just growing old, and that’s an acceptable reason for me. So even though i’m the one of the most naughty, she still try to forgive me for what i’ve done at always try to point out my mistake so that i can improve for the better


FIRST IMPRESSION: On the first day of our encounter, I already hated Ma’am Magtibay. It was because of her voice. It sounded like the voice of my teacher back in Grade 7 who I despised. I even told myself, “five months kong titiisin ang ganyang boses? Jusko.” Our orientation with her was nothing but 2 hours of reminding us about the rules in the university. Our own adviser didn’t even dwell on the rules because she knew that we were old enough to understand the system and its consequences but Ma’am Magtibay thought that we were 12 year olds who needed 2 hours of constant reminders. I knew from the start that her classes would be boring. She was like a high school catechist who would only think and do her plans of teaching on the spot. In short, she always looked so unprepared. My friend even remarked, “parang kung ano na lang maisip nyang gawin bago magpunta ng classroom, yun na lang papagawa nya sa estudyante eh.”

EXPECTATIONS: I expected that our subject Filipino would be an easy one and a time when we could just chill from all the maths surrounding us. During our junior high school days back in STC, our subject Filipino was full of class activities which helped strenghten the bonds between classmates and teach the students about how teamwork could accomplish things successfully. It was a very fun class which had its lessons on point for students to apply in real life. I thought that it would just be the same this sem even though our lessons were all about the Filipino language. 

REALITY: Ma’am Magtibay is really “matibay” when it comes to discussing lessons all about “wika.” Her classes were literally boring af. I never thought about cutting classes but the thought of escaping 2 hours of nothing but pure vocal discussions from Ma’am was very tempting. She was fond of giving journals which I do not know the purpose of because the questions we were tasked to answer were all the same. Let us say for example there are 30 journals, 16 of them are questions of the same meaning but only with different sentence construction. Her subject was far from what I expected. Students could say that there is a possibility of death by “WIKA.” 💀

  • MS. LARA CALINGASAN (Philosophy)

FIRST IMPRESSION: She was our adviser, and the moment I saw her I knew that I would be comfortable with the teacher assigned to STEM 3. She was young, definitely in her 20s. She was kind, jolly and had a sweet voice (far from the voice of ma’am magtibay. lol). Her subject was Philosophy, a subject I was sure I could enjoy. She had activities and games for us to play in order for us to get to know each other. I was a transferee, and what she thought would be helpful was indeed effective. I expected my first day to be the worst, but Ma’am Lara was the one who proved all my negative predictions wrong. She opened the new chapter in my life with a bliss. And that was the day I realized that a new life without the people i have gotten used to was not so bad after all. 

EXPECTATIONS: I expected this subject to not fully rely its lessons on the textbook. It was philosophy, a study of different beliefs and will serve as an eye opener for us students about the complexity of life. Again, I believed in the concept of subjective learning. I was sure that it would involve a lot of essays because it is our way to prove our point of views. And because I am a writer, this subject was going to be the easiest of them all.

REALITY: I was correct. There is not a hint of doubt about my expectations for Ms. Lara and her subject—Philosophy. It was indeed an easy subject, the best one I could pass and have a grade within the line of 9. It also showed the concept of subjective learning, the only subject which was according to my expectations. If math was my weakness, philosophy was definitely my bomb. Ms. Lara, on the other hand, just got even sweeter. Her cute appearance was a reflection of how tender her heart could be especially to her students—her cutie boys and cutie girls (STEM 3). She never failed to show her support for us and just this mere fact can help us strive for what is better. Ms. Lara is a cutie angel sent from heaven and we would always be thankful to God for letting STEM 3 experience her love. Definitely a professor to instill in both our minds and hearts forever. 💖

  • MRS. MARIAN SANTOS (English)

FIRST IMPRESSION: Ma’am Santos was a terror teacher in my eyes. I even thought that she would kill anyone in the class who speaks of a Tagalog word. She was prefect of discipline so I assumed she would be a very strict teacher. She enjoys scaring her students with her words accompanied by her glares that could kill. “Maarte, mataray, masungit” were the three best words to describe her. Her classes unlike that of Mrs. Magtibay’s were bearable and interactive. It wasn’t full of vocal discussions, rather it was a lecture that we could easily comprehend. 

EXPECTATIONS: English was easy for me because I was a writer. I knew the limits of correct grammar and sentence structures. But our subject itself is entitled “Oral Communication.” And for a shy writer like me who uses written words to express herself, speaking out is definitely a horror. I was sure enough that I’d fail my speech at the end of this sem. But by the looks of Ma’am Santos, she was a professor who had high standards for her students, meaning, gaining a grade of 90 was a struggle and having a grade higher than 95 was close to impossible. 

REALITY: I expected Mrs. Santos to continue being the “bitchy” one, but instead she developed this connection with her students that we just couldn’t resist loving her. She was mataray and maarte but  because it was all part of her personality which we learned to accept. She was cute, like Ma’am Lara and was very professional when it comes to teaching. She would always try her best to develop her students’ skills in speaking. But what I hate about her is that she really does enjoy watching her students fail. As expected, her standards were too high to reach, that is why gaining the grade we want would take a lot of work. But above all that is negative about her, her best and positive attributes managed to stood out even more. 🙌🏻