Let me tell you about my expectations on both the subject and the teacher and how it turns out till finals. Before i start, this is my opinion only and i do not aim, to hurt our teacher’s feelings

MRS. ROSELYN CADACIO (General Mathematics)

EXPECTATIONS: Normal expectations, very strict, heartless professor, who enjoyed watching her students cry for despair. An ineffective professors who weren’t really good in teaching. But that doesn’t matter. I like the subject

AS OF NOW: Mrs. Cadacio is one of the kindest and most approachable teacher. She always want the best for her students. She would do anything just to see her students successful. Hopefully she will lessen giving an assignment to us.


EXPECTATIONS: Since he is a male professor, he will be good in teaching and can easily explain and elaborate almost all  the topic and lessons. I like the subject. Also i expected it to be hard and challenging.

AS OF NOW: Sir Miciano always try to relax things up for his students. His problem sets are of great help for us to practice solving problems related to our lesson. I learned that sir Miciano’s talent is that he could teach one lesson in 4 meetings but he could also discuss four lessons in 1 meeting. Also his writing skills should be improved for i cannot see his small writing even in my mid-range seat.


EXPECTATIONS:  I expected lots of computer stuff and activities. I’m not good at it because we have a bad internet connection. Seeing sir, i expected our class would never boring for he always never ran out of stories—stories that we enjoy listening to.

AS OF NOW: Well, as of now, i like Sir Rowell teaching style, He is an excellent teacher with a lot of good experience that comes from living his life to the fullest, and still he never fail to impress and inspire. But somehow he sometimes want to torture us, so life would be more interesting. He was neither the prof that the students would hate nor the prof we would be so close to.


EXPECTATIONS: Since i can see that ma’am is like the teacher who has the most field of experience among all the teachers. I expected that she is a  kind, caring person. She told us that she would always try to understand her student’s feelings that is why she will never give a grade within the line of 7. I can see Mrs Tabujara’s love and care for every student like all of them are her grandsons.

AS OF NOW: I understand why sometimes she always made a big deal out of small things, You know our typical reason is that Mrs. Tabujara was just growing old, and that’s an acceptable reason for me. So even though i’m the one of the most naughty, she still try to forgive me for what I’ve done and always try to point out my mistake so that i can change for the better.


EXPECTATIONS: Since i knew she will be our Filipino teacher, a very interesting subject, i already expected and see how she’s gonna teach the whole sem. I expected that our subject Filipino would be an easy one because back in my junior high it was a very fun class which had its lessons on point for students to apply in real life. But then i knew this time it would be different

AS OF NOW: living on her name, Matibay, she can discuss  all the lesson in straight 2 hours without exercise or a fun activity, but that doesn’t matter. I just hope she lessen the scope of every test, because it’s hard to study the whole scope yet only a part of it shows up in the exam. And that hurts, it is like our effort is wasted.


EXPECTATIONS: Seeing our teacher, i knew she was kind, jolly. Since her subject was Philosophy, a subject I was sure I could enjoy. i expected lot of activities and games for us to play in order for us to get to know each other and also learn easily our lessons and topic. Also i expected that in this subject we need to prove our point of views on our topics

AS OF NOW: She has a good way of teaching, I like how she deliver every lessons with comfort and ease to us. She is fun to have as a teacher in the sense that our every meeting is either fun or comforting.


EXPECTATIONS: Since i’m not good in grammar and English stuff. I expected the teacher to be a terror in my eyes, a professor who had high standards for her students, gaining a grade of 90 would be quite impossible for me. And seeing our teacher, this would definitely be fun.

AS OF NOW: Ma’am always want to get close to every student but his problem is that she is judgmental and she really does enjoy watching her students fail. As expected, her standards were too high to reach, that is why i got low grades.