It is not easy at first, adjusting in the new environment was like going through hell. I used to go to school, knowing that all my classmates are my friends. But this time,

It was different.


I was placed at STEM-1. Our section was considered as the “cream of the crop”. We are mostly consist of people who are good at Math, English, Science and even PE. Well, i’m not one of those, i’m telling you. I don’t care how good people are around me. I’m not competitive and i don’t use them as my inspiration for me to improve.

Instead, I always compete with myself, I always try to be a better person than i am yesterday.

In our section, I see the intercultural diversity, We are all individuals coming from different schools, and that’s the good thing. It’s good to see how we can quickly socialize and form bonds with one another. From stranger to friends or even best friends.


Would our section be complete without an adviser? Of course not.

Meet Ma’am Nelsie Tabujara


Our adviser. Even though i’m one of the most noisy and naughty during class, and at times, i’m one of the reason why she is having a homily on us. She never failed to keep on telling us to improve and be better. She is always there to forgive us on our mistake and to continue to remind us for us to have a better future. She treats us all like his grandchildren.


But I never thought that the people in STEM 1 who were just simply strangers to me before are now persons who have been part of this great change in my life.In our classroom, I learned that life could always be better. We just need to grasp every chance that was given to us for us to enjoy life to the fullest. I’m utterly blessed with my classmates and kind-hearted adviser, for this,

I am forever grateful.